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Due to the ongoing uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, the GJDA Championship Show on Saturday, November 7th 2020 will be postponed until Sunday, 2nd May 2021.

This decision has been made in the interest of the welfare, safety and security of exhibitors, judges, stewards and the GJDA Officers and delegates.

We look forward to seeing you again in May 2021 when hopefully the environment will be safer.


Officers of the Great Joint Dachshund Ass

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Updated : 12/08/2020

Officers & Committee 2020

Patron : Mrs Ann Hazelby

President : Mrs Jane Naylor

Hon Vice Presidents:  Miss Elizabeth Harrap, Mrs Judy Squires, Mrs Rosy Clifford, Mrs L Brown

Hon Secretary/Treasurer


Mrs Geraldine Brace Mr Ian Seath
Show Manager Cup Steward
Mr Martin Sanders Miss Christine Gibson



The Longhaired Dachshund Club The Miniature Dachshund Club
Mrs Annette Latham Jackson Mrs Dawn Norton
Mrs Janet Geeson Mrs Jane Cule
Mr Martin Sanders Mrs Jo Norris
The Southern Dachshund Association The Wirehaired Dachshund Club
Mrs Wendy Starkey Miss Christine Gibson
Mrs Gina Salisbury Mrs Mandy Dance
Mr Ian Seath Mr Phillip Rollinson

Web Editor . Fay Hutchings

The Association came into being as a result of a proposal made by air Vice Marshall Sir Charles Lambe KCB, and Miss Theo Watts, at that time Chairman and Hon. Secretary respectively of the Wirehaired Dachshund Club.  The first show was held at Tattersalls in 1932.  In view of its success it was decided to repeat the venture and invitations were issued to the Southern and Longhaired Dachshund Clubs to join the Wirehaired Dachshund Club in forming an Association in which Smooths, Long and Wires would be equally represented.  Both clubs accepted the invitation and the 1933 show was held under tripartite representation, with an entry of 450.  The registration of the title, "The Great Joint Dachshund Association" was granted by the Kennel Club in 1937.

The Great Joint Dachshund Show became an annual event until 1939 when the outbreak of war interrupted the Association's activities.

In 1946 the Wire and Longhaired Clubs staged a joint Championship Show for the two varieties.  The following year the three clubs staged a three breed event on the lines of the pre-war fixtures.

In 1948 the Miniature Dachshund Club joined the Association.  In 1949 all five varieties of Dachshund competed for Challenge Certificates, the Miniature Wires gaining Certificates in 1961.